Support Solana and Polkadot

Hello team,
I have just short question. Do you plan to support in any Trezor product cryptocurrecies Solana and Polkadot?

You have just rolled out Trezor Safe 3, but for me it is disappointment, because these two cryptocurrecies mentioned above are not supoported.

Thank you for answer.

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Hi @k3v1n,

I can confirm that we are investigating the best way to add Solana support in Trezor, but we don’t have any ETA to share at this time.

Adding support for Polkadot is not currently planned as other upcoming features have a higher priority.


Do you know if the original Trezor (One) will be included?

Hi @flyboy320,

Trezor Model One will not support Solana. Only Trezor Model T and Trezor Safe 3 will support this cryptocurrency.