Support for Polkatdot

So, I bought some DOT today, thinking that it was supported on the Model T. Turns out I didn’t pay attention. The Model T only supports xDOT. Not sure what the distinction is between the two.

So, two questions:

Why support xDOT but not DOT?

Any timeframe as to when Trezor Model T will support DOT?


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Hi @packetpinger. Trezor supports all ERC20 tokens since they are running on ETH blockchain. However, Polkadot team have decided to launch their own mainnet which resulted into a new cryptocurrency.

At the moment, we are in the process of setting up a new strategy for implementing new coins. Anyway, Trezor team is rather conservative about supporting new mainnets, meaning there is currently no plan to integrate this coin, unfortunately.

:frowning: Luckily I only bought about 12 of the DOT, so I guess I’ll just leave them on the exchange (unless they shoot WAY up). Can you explain what is meant by “mainnet”?


Mainnet means network, or blockchain. Simply put, each cryptocurrency has its own blockchain where all transactions are recorded.

that’s really bad…i wanted to stick with trezor but I guess imma buy another brand wallet

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Is there any update when this will be added? Polkadot/Kusama are picking up and I want to use Trezor otherwise I would need to go to Ledger :slightly_frowning_face:

Right now, we do not have capacity to add new coins, at the moment we have many projects with high priority. But we are working on a new approach towards adding new coins to Trezor that should ease off and speed up the process. Stay tuned for more info.