Support for ADA and Vechain on Trezor ONE

First of all, congratulate the Trezor team for the work done.

I wanted to propose to TREZOR to support ADA and Vechain coins for Trezor ONE.

There are many of us who currently have one and we wish ADA was supported.

Hopefully, in the finware transfer project from T to ONE, ADA will be one of the supported currencies.

On the other hand, it would be very interesting for TREZOR to support Vechain.

A greeting and Thanks forward.

Hi @barracala

VeChain did launch a new mainnet token that is no longer using ERC20 token standard.

Right now VeChain has two different tokens on two different network: VEN (the ERC20 token called “VeChain” on Ethereum network) and VET (the non-ERC20 coin called “VeChain Thor” with its own network).

Trezor currently supports only VEN ERC20.

As for ADA, there no plans to integrate this coin to T1 ATM.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for the info.

Hopefully, sooner or later, ADA will be one of the currencies supported by TREZOR ONE.

On the other hand, and without the intention of offending or bothering anyone on the team. I am quite surprised that the input range of support ledger to CARDANO and trezor is not, what could it be? Since there are many of us who use a TREZOR ONE and have ADA and for various reasons (economic, etc. ) we can’t get a model T.

Thank you and once again, congratulations on the work done!!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

It seems different companies have different approach to coin support, and what devices will support a particular coin.

Basically, our product and dev teams haven’t decided to implement ADA support into T1 FW so far. Currently, we have been working on other projects with a higher priority.

Thanks for understanding.

Thank you for your response and interest!