Stuck transaction cannot bump fee

Hi. I have a stuck transaction I suspect as having a too low gas fee. I paired Trezor to meta mask and attempted to cancel the transaction by using the Trezor video guide (provided by Trezor chat bot) - submitted another transaction for zero Eth and the same nonce value, high gas fee.

Unfortunately that transaction on Meta Mask has an error ‘underpriced’ (even though the gas was very high).

So now I’m stuck, how do I sort a stuck transactions out or fix the meta mask issue? help please.

SOLVED - Although my original problem was not solved, it eventually went through after 15 hours (someone willing to take the low gas fee!).

Hi @Bad_Friday,

glad to read that your transaction has been confirmed.

Please, keep in mind that you can also bump the fee directly in Trezor Suite if you need the transaction to be confirmed faster. You can find further information at