Strange bugs with metamask.

I use my trezor one only in metamask, I don’t use trezor suite, I used trezor suite only to do the initial setup of my trezor. But there are some strange errors on my trezor, when I make transactions in metamask, I always have to connect my trezor sometimes to make transfers, I see several videos on youtube using trezor with metamask and everything works fine, but on my trezor I can even send the tokens, but after reconnecting my trezor to the pc several times. To be very specific in the part of typing the passphrase is where the error occurs, it loads the page closes and opens again at the beginning, so I have to take my trezor from the pc and connect again.
This makes me worried. Could my trezor be compromised? is my trezor normal? Also when I went to update this last firmware I got an error and zeroed my trezor, I recovered my wallet with the advanced option of the trezor suite.

This looks like your USB connection is not stable. Try using a different USB cable and see if it helps. (That would be a very likely reason for the failed firmware update too.)

Another alternative is that either a bug or some bad configuration in your browser is causing issues. Try creating a new browser profile and using that.

This behavior does not indicate that your Trezor would be compromised, so at least there’s that.

I’ve already tested it on another computer, a new computer with usb 3.0 ports and the same thing happens, I’m also using its original cable, it’s important to mention that my trezor was purchased from an official dealer here in Brazil, it arrived sealed, it was asked to update the firmware the first time I connected it, but this error makes me worried, I’m keeping almost everything inside it. Are you a admin here on the site ??? Do you have enough experience with trezor? help me friend, I don’t want to wake up one day and I found out that I lost all my coins.

As long as you have your recovery seed, you won’t lose your coins. Nothing about this indicates that the Trezor is in any way compromised.

Please get another micro-USB cable and see if it helps with the issue.

Please try using Trezor Suite. You don’t need to send any money into it, just click around, show some receiving addresses on Trezor, that sort of thing. See if similar problems appear. If not, the connection is probably fine and it’s a problem with your browser or Metamask.

If similar issues appear in Suite too, you should contact support at