Storing USDT on Trezor One

Please how can i store USDT tokens on Trezor One

Did you found out how is it working? I have the same problem, I bought a Trezor to keep my usdt in but I don t store USDT

Hi @davisuchendu and @SimonaVlad2,

USDT is an ERC-20 token and is therefore supported by Trezor when you transfer it on the Ethereum network. Here’s a recipe I made as an example of how to add an ERC-20 token. Just use the Ethereum contract address for USDT instead of the contract address for LINK used in that example.

When you’ve done that, See this post for how to transfer USDT to your newly created ERC-20 token address in your Trezor. That post is talking about SHIBA, which is another ERC-20 token, but you substitute that with USDT instead (as above).

See official list of Supported coins & tokens. You can see there that “USD Tether (erc20) (USDT) ERC20” is supported with Trezor (both models) and you can use them with Trezor Suite.

Please ask if you wonder about something else. :slight_smile: