Problem with a transaction after exchange of BTC to USDT

Good day!
I have a problem with a transaction.
I made an internal exchange of BTC to USDT, but the funds never arrived (I don’t see them in my Trezor One hardware wallet).
Please help.

transaction ID, please.




you sent your coins on Omni network to your BTC address, please use the application Trezor OMNI wallet at OMNI Trezor

If the Omni wallet did not work, please try the following steps with the Electrum wallet:

Needed tool: Electrum

  1. import Trezor’s public account keys by connecting the Trezor device to the Electrum wallet. In order to begin the connection, start Electrum wallet and create a new wallet

  2. select Standard wallet

  3. select Use a hardware device

  4. choose the derivation path of the address where USDT tokens are located. The first Bitcoin segwit (p2wphd-p2sh - Bitcoin address starts with 3) account is located on derivation path m/49’/0’/0’ (second account would be located on the derivation path m/49’/0’/1’). The first Bitcoin legacy (p2pkh - Bitcoin address starts with 1) account is located on derivation path m/44’/0’/0’

  5. once all Trezor’s public keys are imported and the wallet transaction history is synced, you will be able to see the entire transaction history as well as all Trezor’s account addresses including the Bitcoin address with USDT tokens (if you do not have an “Addresses” tab displayed in your Electrum window go to the menu “Wallet→Addresses” to enable the address tab)

  6. make sure you have about 0.001 BTC on the address that you recovering your USDT from

  7. on the Addresses tab, “Freeze” every address that has a BTC balance except the address you are recovering from (right-click the address and choose freeze)

  8. go to the Electrum settings (icon in the down-right corner). Go to the “Transactions” tab and make sure to uncheck both “use change address” and “use multiple change addresses”

  9. go to the ‘Tools→ Pay To Many’ options. Carefully paste in the following two lines:

  10. OP_RETURN 6f6d6e690000000401, 0
    Your-Omni-Protocol-Enabled-Recovery-Destination-address, 0.00000546

  11. ensure the OP_RETURN line is not changed/modified

  12. ensure you replace Your-Omni-Protocol-Enabled-Recovery-Destination-address with your actual recovery destination address (make sure that the address is able to accept USDT on OMNI)

  13. if so far, you have precisely followed all the steps, click the ‘Sign’ button

  14. if the copy-pasted part still matches, click ‘Broadcast’ to complete the process


or just send it to back to some exchange and then again to your trezor using ERC20 network and your ETH address

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Hello, yesterday I exchange 2 BTC in USDT with my TrezorOne but can’t see the amount USDT ? Is it possible the transaction is stuck or I lost my money forever?

i follow all the instructions in Electrum tool and it doesnt work. omni tresor cant run on my laptop! is there any other chance fix that problem ?

its been long tow days messaging to trezor support and they dont replay. And provider told me that they have no information for transaction in their end . I Think i totaly lost all my money !

@Venittoo do you see that receive address in Trezor Suite? When you go to Receive and look down at history?