Storing BUSD on Trezor one (suite)

According to the website of Trezor, BUSD is supported by both the Trezor Model one and Model T (send and receive), and should also be tradeable in the Trezor Suite.
I have some BUSD and would like to transfer it to my Trezor model one, and have it appear in the Trezor suite, how would i do this? As in the Trezor suite i only see a handfull of coins (BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, etc.,)

Secondly, i have transferred some BUSD to my Metamask wallet. The transaction was succesfull and that particular Metamask account is linked to my Trezor one device. However, the BUSD stored on Metamask is not showing up in the Trezor suite, can i transfer it somehow so that it’s viewable in the Trezor suite? And are the keys then saved on the Trezor device of that Metamask account?


If your busd is stored on the bep20 chain, then you can send the busd to the trezor-MM wallet. Trezor and MM are used together to make MM a bridge, so that the wallet generated by trezor’s private key has a bep20 chain.
Of course, these coins will not be displayed in the suite, because there is no bep20 chain in the suite. If you want to access your coins stored in the bep20 chain, please use the combination of trezor and MM on your computer to access your bnb wallet.

You can refer to the process in this post.

Thanks for the reply BtcLtc,

I’m just a bit confused, because the Trezor website clearly states that BUSD is tradeable in Suite. But you say that it’s not the case, because it’s a BEP20 token and thus needs to be connected through a third party program, such as Metamask.


Is the information above then incorrect? Meaning that BUSD is in fact not tradeable in Trezor Suite?

Tradeable means you can buy/swap via our exchange partners. But you have to use Metamask to send/receive.

Ok, thank you for clarification.