Let me inform you that the app does not work when synchronizing Bitcoin accounts, when I enter my address, either text or qr, it takes me to the start page without incorporating the address.

On the other hand, I wanted to propose to the Trezor team that the Trezor Lite app, in addition to uploading it to the Android store, to see if there are possibilities of uploading it to F-Droid, for those of us who do not use Google services, for one privacy issue such as Sailfish OS or Graphene OS operating systems.

Greetings and thanks for everything.


I would echo this request. I will not use google services, and am not happy about having to try to use Aurora Store to try and get the lite app installed. It should be publicly available from your site and github as an .apk, and F-Droid would be wonderful as well.

Good afternoon, is the Trezor team considering adding the Trezor Lite application to F-Droid?

Hi @barracala,

Yes, it is planned to enable downloading of Trezor Suite Lite .apk directly from GitHub. However, we can’t provide any ETA yet.

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