Stolen ethereum from my Trezor wallet

I am new one in crypto and I was really stupid a my ethereum was stolen from ma Wallet. Could you advise me or at least tell me what everything thiefs needed? I told them address, is it enough? Or maybe they hacked 24-words that I wrote down…I am frustrated by it and when I read here many cases, crypto is very dangerous and problematic…

before getting involved in crypto, everyone should read (and fully understand) the learn section on Trezor’s website.

But in short:
If anyone sees your seed phrase, your crypto is gone.

If you make a passphrase and have that separate, that can mitigate this, but if you lose access to this passphrase, your locked out of your crypto.

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But my passphrase knows nobody…

I have no idea what this means.
With so little to go on, I’m not sure what help we can offer.

It probably is not real to get my ethereum back? I have read something about services that maybe but in real I know that maximum is police and the result not sure, moreover there was not a lot of money, for me yes, but generally so nobody will solve it…

Hello @Chuck007,

Since each transaction must be signed by using private keys of the respective address and considering the fact that Trezor has never been hacked remotely and it’s designed not to reveal private keys (essential for creating a transaction) to anyone, not even to you even if it’s needed (this statement can be verified and audited by anyone since our device is fully open-sourced), there are basically 2 scenarios of what could have happened:

  1. Either some 3rd person used your Trezor physically to confirm the transaction

  2. Your private keys (represented by your recovery seed) were compromised and the attacker used them to sign the transaction. This is possible since you can recover your wallet including your private keys by performing a recovery with a compatible wallet.

Unfortunately, we cannot say what exactly happened,we hold no control over your accounts, assets or access details, we do not track the activity on your account as well. Such information is not available from the blockchain as well, it only shows the transaction details such as the amount, destination and the time when the transaction was mined.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, once a transaction is confirmed it cannot be reverted.

Please let me express our sympathy, we’re very sorry about this.

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