Starting guide for Trezor device

I bought my Trezor device, but dont know really where to start now. Can you help me finding a kind of starting guide, not just a “how-to-dothis or that” but more a what/how does it work, what is stored where, how, etc. I’d like to understand more my product. I dont understand what the device does, what the “suite” does, and so.

Hi, the manual is here and we are preparing more extensive knowledge base, should be out soon

But I think that I need something more “basic”, such as: what is the purpose of this device? How can I use it, not “technically”, but “intellectually”.
To give an example, with a credit card:

  • technical answer: put it in the card reader, type in your PIN, validate with the green button…
  • intellectual answer: the card contains references to your bank account and is a payment tool

I thought that I had understood the Trezor device, but clearly it seems that I did not. So I need to start back from the beginning…

basically, HW wallet is used to store your coins safely and you have full control of your private keys, as opposed to online wallets or exchange where your keys can be compromised.
It is meant primarly for long term hodling.

read through our blog, it has plenty of articles on many topics

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