Sorry to say thhis but

I cannot use this product. I have so many problems using trezor:

Trezor suite application not starting but hanging …
Backends not loading …
Hidden wallets reported empty …
Trezor reports Invalid Passphrase
USB connection does not connect to device with a brand new cable I bought and recieved this morning.

To be honest, I cannot use this product anymore.

I just got a new trezor safe 3. It is unpackaged bcause I been trying to get it up and running for thee past few hours. Is there any way I can return it and get a refund? I want to try anther hardware wallet product instead. I guess money on Trezor safe 3 is lost when package was opened?

You seem to be here to spread FUD. And/or you do not understand some of the basics of wallet technology. There is never an invalid passphrase. Complaining that a hidden wallet is empty would mean that you not only successfully installed the passphrase, but also deposited coins into it and are able to access it with a valid passphrase. And why did you buy a new USB cable instead of using the one that came with the Trezor? That sounds plausible, like “I can’t use my new Mercedes Benz because it has no doors and the new engine I ordered won’t fit in the. engine compartment”.

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Hi @fgfkjg,

I can see that you already opened a ticket with our official support. Please, await answer from one of our agents. We will try to help you. The RMA process will be initiated if your Trezor device is not working correctly.