Someone withdrew my ETH

Received my Trezor T. Set it up no probs. Decided to send my ETH to it from Binance. Did this but used Optimism network. Coins didn’t srrive. Found Optimism website and went to support. After discussing with support a minute amount ETH arrived. They said send more ETH from my Coinbase to the Trezor. Expected the Trezor to be secure so did this. They arrived straight away. Short while later a withdrawal happened which I didn’t do. So it appears they got access to the Trezor.

I’m gutted, of course, but now what do I do? Factory reset? Unless anyone knows how I can get my coin back

now thinking more about this, the Optimism website has a resolve issues page. Click on the wallet, i.e. Binance and it tries to login. Gets an error and asks for manual login. This is where they ask for the seed. The manual login doesn’t work - surprise surprise.

thats were the scam is. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So I do think I need to change the seed. Factory reset?

Hi @tonyhill65,

you did not see ETH in the Trezor Suite as you used the Optimism network which is not natively supported in Trezor Suite. However, Trezor devices support the Optimism network so you can see and retrieve your ETH via 3rd party wallet (for example MetaMask).

Unfortunately, you’ve come across some fake Optimism support and provided them with your recovery seed. With your recovery seed, they cloned your wallet with all your private keys and stole all your funds.

It is important to never reveal your recovery seed to anyone and never digitalize it (type it into a keyboard or take a photo). Please, find more information on the importance of the recovery seed at

Right now, you need to wipe the compromised recovery seed from your Trezor Model T and create a new wallet backed up by a new (uncompromised) recovery seed.

Information on how to wipe the compromised seed from the Trezor Model T can be found at

Then create a new wallet backed up with a new recovery seed as described at

You can then safely use your Trezor again. Remember that you must never reveal your recovery seed to anyone. Always only enter it directly into the Trezor via the touchscreen.

thanks radekP. I am bruised, angry, embarrassed etc etc. Expensive lesson learnt.

the fakers got access to my Trezor, but from what you mentioned probably not the ETH I sent to Optimism? Which may be retrieved from MetaMask as an example? Do I understand you correctly?

If thats the case can you point me to a source of information so I can research how to do this?

They knew that you have ETH on the Optimism network because that is why you contacted them in the first place so most likely they also stole it (they have a private key to your ETH address if you provided them seed).

Anyway, you can check for yourself. Copy your ETH address and paste it here:

You will then see the balance on your ETH address on the Optimism network. Most likely, it will be 0 ETH, unfortunately.