Solana token problems

When Solana is supported, can I send msol to the wallet?

Hi @koopio,

I can confirm that all SPL tokens are supported. You can send Marinade staked SOL (MSOL) to your SOL address. The SPL tokens can be seen under the “Tokens” tab:

I tried to send a test 0.1msol and this is what happened…

Hi, is this still an issue I have the same issue! I transferred SOL, then went to the Tokens tab and moved BONK into it, now the whole SOL account will not load in my wallet. I have ticket Ticket ID: 200038 open for my issue. Please share if you find a solution and I will likewise, thank you!

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I sent some sol and then some jitosol to my wallet - and it seems to work. I could sent the jitosol back to phantom wallet too.

Is anyone else storing staked sol token is their trezor wallet?