Solana SPL Token after update

I still can’t send my Solana SPL tokens from Trezor and it still hasn’t been fixed there is no eta on the fix aswell, this so frustrating. There is this NuFi thing, but it doesn’t look legit and there are not really any guides whatsoever on it. It want’s me to install some kind of trezor bridge and all of that extra stuff.

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Hi @Klarw5,

First, I would like to mention that NuFi wallet is a legitimate and trusted service/app that supports Trezor devices.

Trezor Bridge is a transport protocol that ensures communication between Trezor devices and supported browsers. It is also absolutely legit and it can downloaded at

Anyway, the priority fee feature for Solana transactions has been implemented in the latest version of Trezor Suite (v24.3.3) which can be downloaded at Trezor Suite App (Official) | Desktop & Web Crypto Management

You should be now able to send your Solana and SPL tokens without issues.

I have the latest Trezor suite version yet I see no priority fee feature for sending out Solana. Fee is still fixed at 0.000025 SOL

Hi @Richie,

The fee is computed and increased automatically. Please, try again.