Smart Contract Revoker/Viewer/Manager in Trezor Suite

Good morning,

After reading numerous Reddit threads over time dealing with this topic, I think it would be very beneficial and absolutely necessary to develop a feature integrated into the Trezor Suite itself, to read/revoke all smart contracts from all possible blockchains.

Even for non-novice users, it is possible to fall for scams related to smart contracts. Sometimes you can approve a transaction, but the source code of the smart contract is not easily visible, and the least expected day drains your wallet.

I think it would be a very important improvement in terms of security, to include in the Trezor Suite a feature that allows you to delete all the smart contracts in which we are authorized with a single click.

Thank you for your work, I think you have an excellent product and some exceptional professionals in the company.

Example of integration:

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If you look up a coin in CoinMarketCap it’s often marked there with a warning if the Smart Contract can be altered. Example:

I’m sorry, but I think I either didn’t explain myself well or you didn’t understand me.

My original post is a suggestion for the implementation of a new feature within Trezor Suite, to revoke all accepted smart contracts, as well as the ability to view/list them, without relying on any external tool.

Yes, I understand that and I agree, it’d be a welcomed feature.
My comment was additional information related to your post.