Simulated recovery check always fails

Hello! I started using trezor model one yesterday.
When I initiated recovery checks, they always failed. For 4 different 24words seeds (I have wiped memory 3 times in total), for different types of checks (advanced or stadard). I checked so many times that my seeds words were correct, the order of words during the checks was correct as well. Is it possible that something is wrong with the device?

It’s possible, although somewhat unlikely.

If you are wiping the seed words anyway, would you mind posting one of the generated seed phrases? (after you fail the simulated check AND wipe your Trezor, of course)

Here you are:

  1. later
  2. mixture
  3. reflect
  4. wolf
  5. kite
  6. glove
  7. retreat
  8. term
  9. dance
  10. glide
  11. march
  12. gas
  13. country
  14. adult
  15. embody
  16. nature
  17. okay
  18. concert
  19. book
  20. penalty
  21. ball
  22. venture
  23. later
  24. notable

Thank you.

According to my testing, this is a valid seed – you can verify yourself by entering into

So there is either a problem in how you enter it, or your Trezor is not recognizing it.

Please try recovering your Trezor with the following 12-word seed:

all all all all all all all all all all all all

(that is, the same word all 12 times)

This is a testing seed that has a large transaction history. Do not use it for your own money, of course.

If your Trezor successfully recovers this seed, then it probably means that you’re doing something wrong with the other seeds.

“12all” seed works:
The seed is valid but does not match the one in the device

let’s clarify, I’m just writing my steps in detail, for checking the seed I had sent you before
In trezor suite I go to settings/device/check backup/ “I understand this simulated…”/ start/ 12 words/ standard recovery/ enter pin
“Please enter the 2nd word” → mixture
“Please enter output” → output
“Please enter own” → own
“Please enter the 5th word” → kite
“Please enter the 7th word” → retreat

Is it all ok? The result after any attempt is “the seed is invalid” on the trezor screen

Your seed has 24 words. The recovery can’t work if you select 12.

Thanx a lot! Now it works!