Signature doesn't match the right address

I am holding PLS tokens. I access my Trezor wallets through my Rabby walllet.

I’m try to send the tokens (that are in my Trezor wallet) through the Rabby wallet(with my Trezor connected) to a friends wallet.

Trezor asks me to confirm the transaction but each time it states Transaction Rejected. Signature doesn’t match the right address.

I have the passphrase turn off in my Trezor Suite as well.

Can anyone assist please.

Hi @Jayjaylacey,

I noticed that you already opened a ticket with our official support. Please await a response from one of our agents.

From your description, it looks like you do not have the correct private key for signing the desired transaction (either you have a different seed stored in Trezor device or you need to use a passphrase in order to sign the desired transaction).