Sign transaction error: Can not queue at this time: queue is full

Hey there,

I’m trying to send XRP from my Trezor wallet to an external wallet and I’m receiving the error “Sign transaction error: Can not queue at this time: queue is full”. I’ve attempted the minimum of 20 XRP sent as a test and do not see any activity on my Trezor wallet or the receiving wallet. Anyone know what’s going on? Screenshot attached.

Hi @opethbtbam, are you using the latest version of Trezor Suite?
Also, make sure you have the latest firmware installed:

Yes, both of these are installed and up to date. I’ve also rebooted my computer since installing.

Had the same issue last night. Try sending by increasing your Fee. Select the Custom Fee button and change the drops from 12 to 16 or 20 and try that. I did it last night and got the queue is full message but after about a minute the transaction went through. Hope it works for you…

Yes, looks like increasing fee can solve this:

Hi there, I also got the same message up top and then tried increasing the fee but it tells me that I do not have enough funds whereas I have more than enough left on the Trezor after the send to cover the fee 50 times over. Any suggestions please. And yes, all updates have been done.

Me again, please cancel that inquiry. After giving me the not enough funds message, the Trezor has gone ahead and sent the transaction…go figure. So increasing the fee to 16 helped it to go through.