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Can’t find the ‘Sign and Verify’ function from the old web interface in the new Suite. Was it renamed/moved/etc? Or is it just not available anymore?

Hi @Renzo this feature is not implemented in Trezor Suite yet however it is on our Roadmap:

That’s kind of a bummer, as it is one of the reasons I bought a Trezor. Is there another way to access that functionality? Maybe a way to opt to use the old browser interface, until Suite is up to full capability?

for now you can still use this feature in

Ah, excellent news. Thanks.

Ok, I guess I’m forced to admit I’m still a newb in many aspects of blockchain. I need to demonstrate ownership/control of a crypto wallet to a third party financial institution. They are no more blockchain-savvy than I am. I have successfully signed and verified a message using the dialogue in trezor wallet. Now: how can I best demonstrate that signed message to a layman, as official proof of ownership?

As a first step, the contents of the message are important. It must either be personally identifying in some way, or the other party must choose the message. Signing a message “Hello it’s me” proves very little, because anybody in the world could have signed the message and posted it on the internet.

If your counterparty does not have processes for this, the best bet is to sign something they know about you, e.g., your full name and account number.

Then you provide the text of the message, the address used to sign, and the signature. There are many online tools for verifying the signature, one example is here: Verify Message | Tools |
It’s up to your counterparty to do their due diligence that the tool is doing its job, and that e.g., using a different Bitcoin address or different text of message will fail to validate. This way they can believe that the Bitcoin address and the text of the message are provably connected.

I don’t think you can easily demonstrate that you must be the owner to produce the signature, the best you can do is provide articles and point to the use of public-key cryptography.

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Very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to explain.