Shib Inu Wallets

Will Trez be making wallets available for Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

It’s getting big really fast and I think you guys should be looking into it.

Hi, at the moment, we are not adding any new coins. Our current product goal is to unite what we support in firmware and in Trezor Suite first.

We are waiting to hear from you soon to support SHIBA INU.

@chayakorn SHIB ERC20 token can be sent to your ETH address that you can get in Trezor Suite:

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I did not try yet.
If I transfer SHIB(Binance ERC20) to ETH(Trezor), it should work, right?

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@chayakorn Yes, every ERC20 token can be sent to your ETH address. Please make sure that you choose ERC20 (Ethereum network) when withdrawing from Binance.


SHIB is not listed on the coins list Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet. but it is a ERC20 token. Is it possible to move SHIB to my Trezor wallet?

Thank you!


Yes. See this post.

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Thank you @Petosiris Am I able to stake SHIB on Shiba Swap once I’ve moved the coins to Trezor?

I’m not sure, since I’ve never tried staking SHIB (or any other coin or token for that matter), but I don’t see why it won’t work. Since SHIB is an Ethereum token it should work as any other ERC-20 tokens.

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you can show shiba price with foreign language site

I am a new Trezor user.
I sent some SHIBA INU from coinbase to my ETH Trezor addres.
How the amount and the transaction do show in ETH / Token.

My questions :
Are my shiba coins converted to ETH ? Or they are still SHIBA INU coins and if they market goes up, they are too ?

Normal that the " amount " do now show in the balance ?

HOw can I send back my Shiba Inu coins, presently stored my Trezor T ETH/TOKEN back to coinbase ?

Sorry for my noobie questions…

Hi @superbob98, your SHIB tokens are still SHIB tokens, they don’t transform to ETH once you send them to ETH address. You can see the balance in Trezor Suite - ETH account - Tokens tab. When you want to transfer the token out from Trezor, go to Receive tab and in the drop-down menu marked in the screenshot below you can choose which ERC20 token you want to send:

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tks a lot for your time @NIYAK

If I go to ETHEREUM #1 , if I click the receive TAB, I can click Show Full Address only
If if I go on Ethereum #1 in token I do see :

in case it help :

I do not see anything odd, the ERC20 token’s balance can be reviewed in the Tokens tab - it is not added to the ETH overall balance.

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But I can’t access a tab like you showed allowing me to send it ( withdraw it) to an external address… Weird

OK I’ve got it…

I got used to the interface and pull down menus

I sent Shib to my trezor from Coinbase. My token in trezor for shibu is nothing like the drop downs you show here. I cannot send, transfer ir move that Shib token money now. I’ve requested help many times and nobody gets back to me. Or they ask questions I send the answers and nothing. How the heck can I access that Shib money in my trezor? Do I have to do something in ether scan?

Hi @Kdelfy,
can you see the ETH address you used to send the SHIB from Coinbase in Trezor Suite under your ETH account?