Shamir Backup Without Trezor Wallet


I have a question about Shamir backup / Recovery for the Trezor Model T.

Is it possible to recover a wallet using Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme (SSSS) without a Trezor? My concern is if Trezor goes out of business (or if Trezor’s website is offline, etc), then people who use this recovery method may be out of luck if they ever needed it. What I mean is, it should be theoretically possible to perform this recovery offline and there is no documentation available on how to do it.

Can I get more information about how this works wrt to the Trezor. I don’t mean the cryptography bits, I am technically aware of how SSSS works. I am asking how to recover a wallet private key in the absense of Trezor’s software (which should be possible with the ssss-split command line utility).

Does Trezor have a script to generate this recovery seed which can use a desktop computer? And yes, I am aware of the security implications of doing this on a desktop. If I ever needed to do this I would airgap the machine making it practically equal in terms of security to the Model T.

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have a look into this: GitHub - peli-pro/shamir_backup_wallet_recovery_for_SLIP39: A Tutorial for a Shamir Wallet Backup Recovery. This should answer your question I believe.