Shamir backup recovery error message

I am unable to execute a shamir recovery on my Safe 3. During the word selection process on the device, Trezor Suite shows an error message: “Recovery failed, Network request failed”. I have retried multiple times, without succes. I am using Trezor Suite version 24.3.2. Screen saver, power saving etc on the laptop shouldn’t be an issue (has been disabled).

Is this a bug in Trezor Suite? Or an issue with regard to Safe 3 maybe?

I have to say, I’m not really sure on this.
But whilst you wait for someone with more knowledge to post…

Have you checked the trezor bridge is working?

What OS is it?

Yes, Trezor Bridge is working. It shows Model T as connected device, which should be Safe 3 (don’t know if this is a problem).

OS is Windows 11.

The error message in Suite appears approximately 5 minutes after I start entering the shamir words on the Safe 3.

Shamir recovery works fine without Suite.

You should be able to:

  1. enter recovery mode using Suite
  2. select and confirm the number of words (20 presumably)
  3. disconnect Trezor
  4. stop Suite
  5. plug in Trezor into your PC – or even into a power-bank for that matter
  6. use on-screen prompts to complete the recovery process

You can unplug the Trezor after completing any share. This is useful, e.g., if your shares are geographically distributed and you need to travel between entering them.
But of course it’s also useful when Suite is giving you any trouble :slight_smile:


Thank you @matejcik , that worked perfectly!