Several coins sent from Trezor but zero balance received

I sent a tremendous amount of Shinja from Trezor to BKEX this morning. The coins were sent ‘successfully’. When checking with BKEX they advise that they received a transaction with zero balance and advised that it is a Trezor issue.
How do I get my Shibjza coins back in my wallet?

Are you talking about old version Shinobi (SHINJA) or the version 2 Shinobi (SHINJA)? Please provide the transaction address you sent it to or check it yourself on Etherscan to see its status.

Maybe you used the wrong/old network address when you sent it? Both use the Ethereum network but the old version use network address 0xab167e816e4d76089119900e941befdfa37d6b32, while the new version 2 use network address 0x7DAc25b1A665e1c70F25F1fC37d88C99274984ed.

Thanks for the info. How do I know the difference? I bought these in December 2021.

You should read about the change to version 2 and what it means to your coins, if anything. I don’t know if the new coins are compatible with the old ones, or if there’s (or was) a transition period where you could exchange the old to new, but that should be specified in the information provided by the Shinobi site. Talk to Shinobi support personel or others who know about this. I’m sorry, but I don’t know.

Thanks for the update.

Just did some searching and found that the deadline to migrate was 28 February. Too bad for me, lost a tremendous amount of coins.

I’m sorry to hear that you lost your coins.