Sent USDT on ERC-20 network but the address changed

Hello to all,

I made today a test transfer of 100 USDT on ERC-20 network to a trust wallet which it have arrived after a minute without problems.

Once I made an additional transfer of 100,500 USDT pasting the same address from my trezor and sent it the destination address suddenly changed some how (capital letters became small and small letters became capital).

Now its been a few hours and I cannot see the funds showing on the Trust wallet.

Is this a common problem?
What can I do?

Please help me.

Hi @John2023,

can you please compare the whole ETH addresses? Is it possible the second one has a different middle part (the first and last characters should be the same)?

Looks like a malware clipboard attack issue. The first address is on TrustWallet at 15.51, right? The rest of the time the address was spoofed, it looks similar, but it’s not the same address.

When sending large amounts, you need to check all characters in the address, not just the first and last. The case of characters also should not differ.

It wasn’t caused by clipboard attack malware. You have been the victim of address poisoning attack. Please, find more information in this thread: Has my trezor been hacked ?

You can find more information on address poisoning attack in this article: