Sent to incorrect address

Hello, I mistakenly sent ETH from TrezorSuite to incorrect address in a hot wallet. Shows in TSuite as pending transaction. Is there a way I can cancel this transaction or will it eventually fail and return my ETH?

Thanks for any help provided.

Hi @DrM,

If the receiving address was an ETH account and you specified sufficient gas for the fee, then the transaction will eventually be successful. It’s not possible to cancel an ongoing transaction.

I wanted to send ETH to Atomic Wallet and then I was going to exchange for TFuel, but I mistakenly used the TFuel-Atomic address to send ETH. That is the transaction that is pending that I want to cancel.

You should contact Atomic support and ask them if you can cancel the transaction:

HI @DrM,

if the ETH transaction is still pending you can actually cancel it. Find information on how to do it here: How to speed up or cancel ETH transaction with Trezor - YouTube

Once the transaction is confirmed, it can’t be canceled anymore.

Yes you basically send a new transaction with the same “nonce” as the one you want to cancel. The nonce is the identifier which marks every transaction, so every transaction is unique. But if you send a new transaction with the same nonce as a previous one, the first one gets cancelled. Therefore, it’s a loophole to cancel a pending ETH transaction. If it is settled already though then it cannot be cancelled. It can only be done when it is showing still as “pending”. Thankfully, MetaMask have the ability for you to adjust the nonce number manually in their advance settings, as that YoutTube video link shows. So yeah, the new transaction with the SAME nonce will void the original one - thus, you cancel the original one, essentially, and coins get returned.

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Oh and as the video shows, you don’t need to send anything - you can send 0 ETH and (of course) the fee… but… MAKE THE GAS FEE HIGH, MUCH HIGHER THAN NEEDED. This essentially punches straight through due to the high gas fee and there’s no wait time, and you will then cancel the first transaction of that nonce. Do make sure you use a really high gas fee… that will be the cost of the cancellation, essentially. If the fee is too low on this second attempt then you are back in the same situation but now with TWO stuck transactions! Now you’ll have to do it again! So get it right first time - use a very high fee.

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