Sent MOVR to erc20 address and its not arrived

hi there, looking for some guidance here as i have no idea how to fix the problem after hours of googling for answers.
i sent a considerable amount of MOVR from binance to an erc20 address on trezor after researching what i thought was the correct way to do it. Almost a week later it has not arrived.
Is there any way to locate my crypto and fix the problem? Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks

you sent it on what chain ? erc20 or bep20 ?

Hi BtcLtc sorry I have only just noticed your reply. I sent it to ERC20 =( is there a way to get it back ?

you mean this Moonriver (MOVR) ?
you can find it by using trezor with


Yes that is Correct. I sent some Moonriver and Vechain VET from Binance to Trezor to an ERC20 address I have successfully used for other coins before. MOVR and VET have not arrived though unfortunately. I must not be able to use that address. I did the withdrawal over two weeks ago now. Im still new to this so I still have a lot to learn. I will try what you have suggested however I cannot access the mycrypto website link you sent. My ether wallet I understand is for storing crypto going forwards? I have the Trezor with my cryoto stored on it already, I’ve just not recieved the MOVR and VET I sent from Binance, my other crypto such as MATIC, SAND was successfully transferred. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

See the picture in my previous reply. MOVR is not directly supported by suite software. One of the other two wallets is required. VET I didn’t find it in the list of erc20 coins supported by trezor, I don’t know which coin you are talking about.

ok, so if I sent MOVR and VET to an address which was ERC20 on TREZOR, and they haven’t arrived but are no longer in my binance account, does this mean I have lost the funds forever or is there a way to track them down and send back to Binance? thanks again for being helpful responding.

To access MOVR on erc20, you need one of the two sites I sent you above to view and manage coins with your trezor.
VET, I don’t know what kind of coin you are talking about. Give me the full name and I’ll look for it.

ok thank you, I will try what you are said. Sorry i am a bit slow, i am really new to all this so it takes me a while to understand. VET is VeChain.

Right now VeChain has two different tokens on two different networks: VEN (the ERC20 token called “VeChain” on Ethereum network) and VET (the non-ERC20 coin called “VeChain Thor” with its own network)

Only ERC20 version can be stored on Trezor.

Thanks Forgi, the address I sent both the VET and MOVR to was ERC20 but neither have arrived. I’m starting to think there is no way of tracking down the transaction and the funds are lost forever :frowning:

VET will not show up because it is not supported as I said. You have to contact Vechain team to get your coins back.

as for movr, send me the transaction ID from Binance

Hi Forgi, the Binance transaction ID for MOVR is ;

Regarding the VET, do I just send an email to [[email protected]]? … I cant see any other support option on their website.

Thanks for the advice!!

it does not exist neither on eth chain nor BSC:

for vechain, you have some contacts here: VeChain (VET) price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko

Ahh crap, so with the MOVR transaction not existing what does this mean? The transaction is showing completed on Binance, but with it not existing does that just mean there is no way of tracking it down and its lost for ever :sob:
These are expensive lessons I will not make again haha

With the link you provided I did a search for the receiving address and it came up with the MOVR link;

I then searched and my transaction is showing there.

Does this help at all?
Sorry i have no idea what I’m doing here, im not too good with computers let alone crypto world.

so you sent it on Movr chain, pait Trezor with Metamask and then go to, search for Moonriver and connect it to MM, you will see the coins there

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Im so sorry but I dont understand what your instructions are. I will do some research and try sort it out. Pait Trezor with Metamask? I dont even know what Metamask is lol. THanks for your help its got me a lot further than where i was last week.