Sent LTC to BTC address


I see there is info on how to recover LTC sent to a BTC address, however I have some questions. I am running firmware 1.10.2 and didn’t have electrum wallet setup on my trezor prior to having this issue. Will any of those 2 things prevent me from recovering my LTC from my trezor 1? Sent it to an address starting with the number 3.

hi @Bflor
none of those two things will prevent you from recovering you LTC from BTC SegWit address.
Just note that you have to set the safety checks to prompt for this operation (either using trezor ctl commands or directly in Trezor Suite settings)

Thanks for the reply. Question about electrum wallet. For this process I’ll need to use the electrum-ltc wallet from correct? Don’t want to download from wrong site :confused:

@Bflor yes that is correct :wink:

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@Bflor Always verify the digital signatures of the files you download. Instructions available directly from Electrum site

Thanks for that info. I have downloaded electrum-ltc and connected it to my trezor. Created a new standard wallet for segwit, and entered the derivation path for LTC provided in the other instructional…However, after the sync no history imported.

Hi @Bflor

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Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Thanks! Just sent pm. Good day sir!

Thanks for submitting the ticket, we will reach out soon.