Sent funs to changed addres

Hi. I sent so USDT to a wallet the other day. The transaction showed on my overview with the gas fee. There was another transaction to a different wallet with the funds amount with no gas fee above it. I have been told it’s a changed address that Trezor does for some reason.

The changed address was very similar to the address (Literally first four and last 4 digits are the same) I was sending to and I went to send another transaction and didn’t realize I sent it to the changed wallet address. The funds are sitting there and I have no way to access that drees. Can anyone help? I have contacted Trezor but have not heard back and I really need access to the funds.

This is how my old transaction looked on my overview from which I copied from:



0x37------------1a188 - This is the address all my transactions sent through who I accidentally sent to









–0.0065613 ETH$12.66


from your description, it looks like you are a target of address poisoning attack.

Please, find more information in this thread: Has my trezor been hacked ?

You can find more information on address poisoning attack in this article:

Hi @radekP How is that possible as the transactions are not coming into my wallet but out? Every transaction I send does this. It has another transaction for the same amount going out my wallet? How can that happen if there is only so many funds?

I hear Trezor creates a new wallet for every transaction could it be this?

@TMILLER10, it is possible because the ETH network allows it. The tokens you see in outgoing transactions are not real ERC20 tokens (real USDT, USDC), these are fake tokens with no value. Detailed explanation can be found in the article I linked in the previous post.

I would also like to mention that it has nothing to do with creating a new (fresh) address (address, not wallet) for every transactions. This applies only for UTXO-based cryptocurrencies like BTC. ETH is account-based which means it uses the same address for every transaction.

Anyway, be careful and do not copy the send address from your transaction history. Always copy the address you want to use for sending the funds to exchange directly from your exchange account. Also, we recommend to always double-check the full send address on the display of your Trezor device.