Sent ETH from Coinbase to my ETH Classic wallet instead of my ETH wallet can you please help?

This morning I sent ETH from Coinbase to my Trezor, unfortunately I selected ETH Classic from my Trezor wallet address and although my ETH has left my Coinbase account the ETH is not showing on my Trezor because I should have sent it to my ETH address and not ETH Classic.

I did contact Coinbase who responded saying that they can’t do anything on their side since transaction is confirmed in the blockchain and that I need to discuss with Trezor as the ETH has been sent correctly but I need to bridge my ETH Classic trezor wallet with my ETH trezor wallet so that I can see my ETH on Trezor.

Can you please help me?



Heii @VRT2022

Please check this post and follow the instructions

Have a nice

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Thank you so much Rima

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I can’t find the ETH Classic address and I keep on clicking next is there a way to find address quicker?

Unfortunately I can’t locate the ETH Classic I sent the tokens to. Keep on clicking through hundreds of addresses but they are all ETH Balance 0 and none match my address. Anyone know how to address this is on

@VRT2022 did you try this?

  1. as a derivation path, choose Ethereum Classic (m/44’/61’/0’/0) - it is the address with ETH tokens


Yes but all the addresses I see there don’t match the one I sent the ETH Classic from coinbase and they all show 0 so is my only option to keep on clicking next until I find the ETH Classic address I sent the ETH from Coinbase?

Usually transactions coming from coinbase can be internal transactions and there is also a procedure for this:

Check the link

I know it can be overwhelming but hang in there, if you are not able just wait a little for community support like @forgi or @MichalZ

@VRT2022 then you are using wrong passphrase, or leave it empty if you did not use a passphrase before:

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