Send ETH to wrong network. Want to get my Ronin private key

I was transfer ETH from metamask to ronin directly not using bridge.(1st time and went bad)
and I also use Trezor for Ronin Account.

Dose anyone know how to get Private key in my ronin account ?
Please help.

want to do this. but my trezor so secure to get private key

Hi @PS13
There is no way to view private keys on your Trezor device.
Hardware wallets are designed to keep your private keys and secret recovery seed offline and off of your computer. Keeping your private keys encrypted and isolated on your Trezor device keeps your funds safe from hackers and anything malicious that may creep onto your operating system.

Can it show in my device or somethings?
I really need that money.

Thank you for your answer

you should never ever ever ever insert your Trezor recover seed to any 3rd party wallet (or any online interface in general - because of phishing) as it might be compromised. However if you really insist on doing that please make sure that you have transferred all your remaining funds out of your Trezor and you will create new recovery seed right after your funds will be (potentially) recovered.
I can’t give you any further information about the fund recovery process as it is out of our scope and in this case I frankly don’t know the solution. So please do your own research in order to figure out if there is a way.

I want to know my Private key. Is there any way I can get it?

I just get my ETH back.
1.Are you have same problem as me?
2.There are a bad way to get private key but very risky to get hack.

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3rd party app/wallet will never reveal you your Trezor recovery seed.
It is shown only once on your Trezor device during the initialization.

I have the same problem. Could you please advice how to solve this. Thank you.

Is your funds recover? Same problem with me pls help

Same problem what did you do?

Login Metamask with Ronin (Passphase)
And then create new address by using hardware
You will get ronin address in metamask without using private key.

Hope that help

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Please help. Im having the same issue. Cant get my private key :sob:

How can this be done?