Send change to different accout

Say I have two Bitcoin accounts in Trezor Suite. Segwit and Taproot. I want to gradually migrate to Taproot but don’t want to sweep everything from one to the other. I will be using the Segwit account for outgoing transactions and Taproot for incoming. I would like the outgoing transactions from the Segwit account to send change to the Taproot account. Is that possible with Suite? I couldn’t find the option to do that.

Taproot and Segwit are considered different accounts, so whatever you send won’t be “change” but another recipient. AFAIK, Suite does not currently support anything like “send change to address”.

Besides explicitly sweeping to the other account, you can use the “add recipient” feature and send to two addresses in the same transaction: one for your original recipient, one for your new Taproot account. Unfortunately, you’ll need to pick amount manually, which most likely means that there will still be some leftover change sent to the original account.

Thanks. Maybe then file it as a suggestion for the development team to add a possibility to send the change to a different account? Might come in handy when we will be upgrading from Taproot to Gobleddyfunk next time.