Seed phrase on second computer

Hi, I Just got the new Trezor Model T and did setup as per the instruction. I transferred small amount of coin to the wallet for the test and it worked.

Coming to my question.
I setup my Trezor on my laptop. However, when I used my trezor wallet on my desktop computer, it didn’t ask me for the seed phrase and wallet was open once I download the Trezor desktop version.
So, I am a bit confused why it did not ask for the seed phrase.
If I did lose my trezor and someone plug into their computer, will it open without a seed phrase.

First off, do not ever enter your seed phrase into a computer! Even if the computer asks nicely. Even if it says you need to register. Even if it says your funds are in danger. Your seed does not belong in a computer.

(Your seed, for all intents and purposes, is your money. Trezor protects you by protecting the seed. If you give the seed out, the Trezor protection becomes useless.)


Yes, that is a feature. Your seed phrase is not a password. Your seed phrase is a backup of the data stored on your Trezor.

To protect your Trezor from thieves, you are supposed to set a PIN code. When you plug the Trezor in, it will ask for PIN. If the thief doesn’t know the PIN, they can’t see your funds.