Second transaction appears

Hello, I have a question. I was sending BTC from my Trezor to my linked exodus wallet. A second transaction appeared with a different address and a different amount. Trezor asked for my approval. I got spooked and cancelled the transaction. Exodus and Trezor say that that may have been a UTXO going back to me with change. Is anybody familiar with this issue? I then did send some to coinbase and didn’t see the second transaction. That’s why I’m still concerned.

Hi there SuperT and welcome to the Trezor forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Since recently, Exodus has started to handle transactions differently and displays your change address instead of the receiving address you entered for the transaction, which can be confusing because when confirming you don’t see the address you expect to see on the Trezor device. Please see the page What are change addresses on the Exodus website.

To clarify, were you sending from your Trezor wallet with Trezor Suite to another Trezor wallet in Exodus? Did you coins arrive to your Coinbase account?