Seciurity Seed problem

Hello, I have a concerning issue. I conducted a swap on the MyEtherWallet application, and my funds disappeared. The MEW support redirected me to Multichain - anyswap, and their support provided me with a link to reset the wallet. Unfortunately, I had to enter my SEED there. Before doing that, I transferred the remaining funds to another wallet. After entering the seed, an error occurred. The question that worries me is whether my funds will be safe if I reset the Trezor and set a new SEED. Also, I’m wondering if someone has my seed, will they be able to access the old device with the new seed?

Hello, and welcome to the community.

I’m sorry to hear about this issue and I understand your concerns. Remember: Never enter your recovery seed online or on any website. Legitimate wallet services will not ask for your seed online.

To answer your questions:

  • If you wipe your Trezor device and create a new wallet, the new wallet will be 100% safe, as long as you never share it or enter it anywhere.

  • Having the old seed does not grant access to a device with a new seed. Each seed is unique and corresponds to a specific wallet. If you perform a reset on your Trezor device and generate a new seed, the old seed cannot be used to access the new wallet associated with the new seed.

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