Scenario in which immediate access to seed is required

Hi all!
I store my seed away from my regular physical location. In light of current events I wonder if there could ever be an attack on / a breach of Trezor the company and its infrastructure that would require immediate access to my seed to safeguard my funds. I can’t think of such a scenario but please let me know if there is something I’m missing.

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In most cases, the opposite would be true: not having immediate access to your seed is protecting you, the way timelocked safes are protecting shops and banks from robbers. If you don’t have the seed on you, you can’t give it out to anyone.

More generally: the whole point of a cold wallet is that nothing can happen to your funds unless the wallet approves it. If your Trezor is sitting unplugged in a desk drawer, there is nothing Trezor Company or anyone else can do to touch your funds.

The best strategy in any sort of breach event is to keep calm and hodl.
In other words, wait a couple weeks until the initial ruckus dies down. If you are worried, the step you can take is lock your Trezor in a box and do not plug it in, until there is clear guidance from multiple reliable sources about what to do.