Scam token axs giveaway ticket!

Help! I have had a scam token deposited in my trezoe under eth tokens/unrecognised tokens
AXS giveaway ticket. help me get rid of it!!!

they come all the time to all of us.
just ignore it and don’t touch it


Hello @biziz42,

Those are worthless scam tokens. Anybody can send you tokens just by taking your address from blockchain explorer. Scammers do that in an automated way.

A good rule of thumb is that if the token appears as a website address like the one above its a scam.

The scam attempts to get you to visit the site and connect your wallet where they can then gain access to your account and steal your funds.

It is all under the guise that you have tokens worth a lot of money therefore, of course, you want to sell them and get the money from a free airdropped token.

However, since there is no other way to send the tokens to an exchange or wherever else it needs to stay where it is.

These tokens are visible in your wallet but stored on the blockchain, so they cannot do any real harm.

Since version 24.2.1 Trezor Suite recognizes airdrop scam tokens and puts them in a group “Unrecognized tokens”.

I hope this answers your question. The best thing to do is just leave them alone.

More information on airdrop scam tokens can be found at

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