Samourai Wallet indicted by DOJ

I hope this doesn’t render any CoinJoined BTC UTXOs as tainted and unspendable/unredeemable at CEX offramps. If someone mixed via Trezor Suite - there’s NO XPUB to sniff out right?

I think Trezor Suite doesn’t use Samurai - but rather WASABI, which is a separate CoinJoin service and NOT indicted by the DOJ.
Can anyone confirm?

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Hi, yes, Trezor uses wasabi.

We understand there might be concerns following the recent alert from the FBI. Please rest assured that Trezor operates with the highest standards of security and compliance, and our services are not affected by this warning. Your assets remain safe and under your control with Trezor. If you have any further questions, we’re here to help.

So if I coinjoined 1 BTC in Trezor Suite that had my KRAKEN KYC attached, and got back one random 1 BTC - what if my new BTC has a WORSE history (LAZARUS North Korea hackers) than my original? Also does someone now own my 1 BTC with my KRAKEN KYC attached? How would a CoinJoined UTXO be tainted - is there a flag on it?

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This is not likely to happen, the coordinator rejects any suspicious transaction from coinjoin so you are safe in this matter.

However, some exchanges may refuse BTC coming from coinjoin in general, regardless of its history. That might be policy of specific exchange and is not something you or Trezor can influence.

Therefore you should check with your exchange if thy are ok with receiving or trading such trasnctions.