Ronin-Trezor from 50 to 1000 address

Hi, anyone who experienced the same? When I update my Trezor 1 firmware, from 50 available address it becomes 1000 and I can`t find the address that I use in my axie infinity from that 1000 available addresses. I am using the same seed and passphrase.


Please note that change of the limit of addresses offered to you to connect happened on Ronin’s side and has nothing to do with firmware update as well as the fact that you are not able to find desired address:

There is simply no way how updating firmware or device malfunction would affect the derivation process of the addresses in your passphrase protected wallet since the passphrase is not even stored on the device.

So the only possible explanation is that you are entering different passphrase (even one symbol off is enough to create new wallet instead of accessing the old one) or using different seed (or both).