Ronin problem or trezor?

hi guys i have problem regarding to my trezor wallet
i put all my asset in trezor wallet …but when connect my trezor wallet in ronin i cant log in.
im planning to put out my asset to trezor to sell something but it didnt work cant log in
but when i check my ronin my address and asset is in trezor wallet but i cant log in my wallet

what shoul i do? i do all you say turn of ad blocker and other stuff still cant work even i put in incognito mode still problem presist

and when in to hardware log in i cant see my account that have asset its different addresses what should i do ?

hi, are you able to pair your Trezor with another 3rd party app such as Metamask?

yah all are in good connection metamask and hardware wallet sir the problem is my asset is in trezor and when i conncet it to ronin dashboard i cant connect what will i do im very stress about this all ad blocke ant virus clean cache restart i do it all but nothing happen @MichalZ

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