Rocovering Model T Wallet to Exodus Wallet

I tried to restore my model T Trezor wallet to a new Exodus wallet. On your Trezor Wallet I have a standard and hidden wallet.

In the standard wallet I have DOG and BTC
In the hidden wallet I have ETH, DOG, and BTC

When I restored the wallet, the only thing that showed up in the Exodus wallet was the DOG from the standard wallet.

Why is this? I am concerned.

did exodus ask for the passphrase?
Have you tried the same process with trezor suite?

No, Exodus didn’t ask for the (hidden) passphrase. Of course, I did put in the passphrase to recover the Trezor wallet when initializing the new Exodus wallet.

I have not tried recovering the wallet with a new install of the Trezor Suite.

The scenario I want to test/verify is if the Model T is lost or inop, can I successfully recover both the standard and hidden wallets?

if you have correctly written down your seed and passphrase then you will be fine…
I would use another browser and see if exodus asks for the passphrase.


Are you able to get access to all your wallets/funds within Trezor suite?

It doesn’t plus even the standard wallet was fully recovered.

I haven’t tried because I want to simulate a scenario where Trezor is no more, and their app is gone or not supported.

you don’t need to worry about trezor disappearing on us.
Firstly I don’t think that’ll happen.

Second, if it does the wallet is compatible with many other wallets out there.

For example, I have a keystone 3 pro and it will accept the tezor seed or shamir and passphrase, then produce the same wallet addresses.
But also trezor is compatible with many hot wallets also.
Ledger will accept the same passphrase and seed.