Reset Trezor T but not the backup


I reset trezor t becauseI incorrectly set a passphrase (the screen is too small)

I went through the 12 word set up again but the backup said it was already done in the original setup.

Does this matter or do I need to do a new backup after resetting the device?

It’s not entirely clear from your post what state your device is currently in. How did you reset your Trezor device - did you do a Factory reset?

Anyway, if you set it up from the start then you choose Recover an existing wallet instead of Create a new wallet (see image below), then input your existing Recovery seed (backup). You also need your Passphrase at hand to be able to access any Hidden wallet.

If you recover your exisiting wallet then you don’t make a new backup. You only make a backup when you create a new wallet and thereby creating a new batch of 12 words as your Recovery seed.

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I did a factory reset and went through the setup again but it didn’t ask me to do a backup again.

I got a whole another 12 words but nothing asked me to backup it up as a backup already existed so it skipped that part.

I went to check/test recovery with the new words and it asked for the correct words, the new ones I just setup.

A newly created wallet is always empty. If you had any funds in your previous wallet (with the other Recovery seed) then they are not recovered when you created a new wallet and you must do a recovery of that wallet if you want the funds back.

See my answer to you in a previous forum thread for the explanation of what a backup is.

Then you created a new wallet.

Yes, but you checked the recovery of your new wallet. The old wallet your had before the Factory reset is connected to your other, previous, Recovery seed (backup).

Please don’t proceed with storing any funds in your Trezor until you fully understand this, and other basics, or else I fear you’ll quickly find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost funds and aren’t able to recover them.

What should I do? How do start over completely new? I want to reset it completely and do a new backup, should I use a different computer because the one I’m using has a backup on it?

I wiped the device and uninstaller trezor suite, so now I’ll be starting from scratch, new installation of firmware and new backup

those 12 words are your backup, you need one set of words, if you have them then you have to keep them safe and you can start using the wallet

Can I start fresh, in the initial set up, i put a wrong passphrase on the screen ( the screen was too small and it didnt ask for confirmation so I didn’t know what passports it was

Second time, I did a new setup but it didn’t ask for a backup which got me worried

Third time now, I wiped the data of the device and uninstaller ttrzor suite, so hopefully I can do the whole sequence again, including a new backup

yes, by doing factory reset,as you have been instructed before which is in the settings, but you don’r have to use the passphrase

just create one set of words and stick to it or you will just confuse yourself more.