Requiring Seed after Firmware Update

I just did 2 firmware updates, and for one of the Trezors (both Trezor 1) it required me to re-enter my seed, and for the other it did not.

I entered the seed using the feature on the device that mixes up the letter combinations on the device (so entry on the computer is random).

Is this expected? Could there be a security issue here? How can I confirm that I have the correct firmware installed?

a trezor device will never ask you for the seed again, never is never, unless you factory reset it and configure it from scratch

I think it’s likely that I configured it from scratch - but now my question becomes is it possible that it reset during the firmware upgrade?

It did say “erasing device” while that was going on. Then when I reconnected it later, the trezor suite considered it a blank device.

I guess the question now is - what can I check to ensure that my hypothesis is correct that everything is working properly?

yes, it is. If there is a connection issue device will get wiped and then needs to be set up again. It is a security feature,

Ok - so that sounds about right - I definitely went through “advanced recovery” - which seems pretty secure.

It was unclear that there was an issue during the firmware upgrade - it just looked like “that’s what it’s supposed to do”. Is this common?

Just to confirm - the seed entry wasn’t DURING the firmware upgrade - it was afterwards when the device was recognized as blank.