[REQ] Ordinals support for Bitcoin Taproot

I’d like to request that Trezor reconsiders supporting Ordinals in the future. The protocol is mature and it shouldn’t be hard for your talented programmers to enable ordinals transactions of at least Ordinals inscriptions, receiving ordinals on Taproot addresses is fine and dandy but I predict the ability to send them also will become a lot more wanted in the near future. Therefor for Trezor to remain competitive it just makes sense to support ordinals?

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Forgot to say the magic word; Please. :cowboy_hat_face: Also would add that the functionality wouldn’t have to be extensive, certainly not initially, just the ability to send ordinals ie; the utxo’s in Taproot addresses, would be greatly appreciated!

More extensive functions like image previews for image ordinals or BRC20 & TAP token support, such as can be found in Hiro/Leather & Xverse browser extension wallets, would also be useful down the line, but then those browser wallets are already serving that functionality and we don’t need hw wallets such as Trezor or Ledger to do those things necessarily, but sending ordinals inscriptions would be tremendously useful and cool. Since Trezor works tirelessly to support so many coins on different chains, how about giving Bitcoin some more love because ordinals are cool.

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Update: I decided to try to send ords stored on the taproot address through Sparrow by connecting it to Trezor and importing the TR seed (I know this is generally not recommended but I did it properly and erased the wallet after) unfortunately Sparrow or my own ignorance/sleeplessness decided to spend the one ordinal I was trying to safely transfer as fee despite explicitly selecting that UTXO for sending.

If anyone wants to learn from my mistake make sure you never select all UTXOs to send because it will apparently randomly spend 1 as fee, which is admittedly my mistake because I’d been awake way too long at the time, so I doubt it was down to any fault between Sparrow and Trezor interfacing or the way coin control works between them, but it’s worth telling others to be extra careful sending any of Trezor TR’s UTXOs through Sparrow without a good night’s sleep! Or you might’ve assumed in drowsiness that Sparrow does not spend ordinals as fee as long as the UTXO’s offset=0.

Live and learn!

Hi @Austin99,

Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your experience with using ordinals on taproot address generated by Trezor device in Sparrow wallet.

Currently, we do not have any plans to support Ordinals or BRC20 tokens directly in Trezor Suite.

I can confirm that if the UTXOs are not ordered correctly in the Sparrow wallet, the UTXO (and sat) with the Ordinal can be spent as a transaction fee. That is why we do not recommend sending Ordinals to taproot addresses generated by Trezor device.