Recovery Test for Hidden Wallet

HI, i just successfully performed a recovery test for my Trezor One Hidden Wallet but I noticed that it did not ask me for the passphrase, is this normal? It only asked for the 24 word seedphrases.


Hi @Alkis

To my knowledge yes because the passphrase is not stored anywhere so the device has nothing to check

Ah OK, I see, thanks for your reply, so basically it will only ask for it if I have to restore my keys to a new device you mean?

The recovery test is for the Trezor seed only. It does not matter if it’s a standard or a hidden wallet, because the seed (your 24 word backup) is the same for both.

When you recover your Trezor, it will also only ask for the seed.

Only after it is restored, you can add a Hidden wallet, at which point you will be entering the passphrase.

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