Recovery seed check

My trezor one only generated 18 words. Is this correct? If not, how do I fix it?

Hi Cindy,

Trezor Model T generate a 12-word private seed by default and Model One 24 words by default, but you can specify other lengths during setup, like 18 words. See more info about it here and here.

If you haven’t put any coins or tokens into your Trezor wallet yet, and you want another seed length, then you can simply initialize it with advanced commands.

Also read about running a Dry-run recovery to test your seed.

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Did you use Exodus to set up your Trezor?

The number of words can depend on the software you use. The defaults (12 words for Trezor Model T, 24 for Trezor Model One) are for Trezor Wallet and Trezor Suite.
Exodus instructs Trezor to create a 18-word seed by default.

Seed length can be 12, 18, or 24 words for single backup (BIP-39), or 20 or 33 words for Shamir backup (SLIP-39). All are valid and functional.

However, you should use Dry-run recovery, as @Petosiris suggests, to make sure your seed is OK.

Hi there,

12 word Recovery Check not working on my Model T.

Only allows me to input “pass” for each word and not the actual seed word.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hello, is anybody out there :joy:

what do you mean by that exactly? There is a word pass, in the list of words, if that is your word then enter it and proceed to the next one

It is not my first word and it is also not any of my recovery seed words.

@Bradley then why are you trying to enter it? Or are you saying any other button is not clickable?

Please open a ticket and record the video of what is happening and send it as an attachment to the ticket.

I have send it to someone named “Leo” at [email protected]

Is that correct?


@Bradley on that video you are always pressing the “pqr” button first and then you always proceed with “abc” so you end up wit “pa…” then Trezor suggests you the word, because there is no other possible word…

can you press any other buttons at all?

No cannot, it does not allow me any other word.

@Bradley ok, it might be the screen issue. My colleague will resolve this with you in the ticket.

Please confirm that [email protected] is the correct and legitimate support email? That is where I sent the video…

@Bradley yes, it is legitimate, I have looked at the ticket.

Okay because I have not yet received a response after the video was sent there.

Thanks very much for your help…

This thread should be removed until this issue has been resolved?

hello! what’s the solution on this? I have the same problem with Bradley on my Trezor T.