Recovery failed

First, I forgot my trezor’s PIN so I decided to wipe it and try to recover. Now the problem is the seed that I try to enter is wrong. I’m pretty sure that the 24 seeds that I wrote down are all correct and ordered.
I have cryptocurrency funds in my wallet too, this makes me very stressed.
I know that it is my mistake at first that I’m forgot the PIN. Please help me, I will very much appreciate it.

I’d like to ask a few questions:

  1. You’re using a Trezor Model One, correct?
  2. You’re sure the seed you try is for a Trezor Model One (not a Model T or other brand)?
  3. Are you using the right website (
  4. Are you selecting the Recovery option instead of setting up a new wallet?
  5. Are you entering the seed with small letters only?
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  1. Yes mine is model one
  2. My seeds come from this trezor and there are 24 of it.
  3. Yes I’m using the right website.
  4. Yep I choose the recovery one.
  5. I didn’t use the small letter. I’ll try it now ( I have tried it, but it seem doesn’t help)
    Thanks for asking and guiding me.