Recovering wallet with passphrase from different vendor

Hello everyone,

I have an wallet created on Ellipal hardware wallet using recovery phrase( 12 words ) and the passphrase.

Now, i am getting lots of issue with that brand and want to switch to another hardware wallet.

My question is whether or not I can recover this wallet to the trezor wallet ?

I asked same question to the ngrave hardware wallet and they told me i can not recover becasue their wallet seed phares is not compatible with the ellipal.

I was shocked as i thought wallet creation is based on industry standart.

Hi @Shiva1971,

I don’t know about Ellipal myself, but the standards Trezor support are mentioned in the first post here:

So you should investigate what type of standard Ellipal uses. BIP39 is the most widely used standard, I think.


Not sure which standart ellipal is using but they are using one of this standards for sure. I think What Ngrave told me that they dont support 12 words but they only support 24 seed words.

I dont want to just rely on 12/24 seed words but also i need my wallet created by using passphrase but at the same time i want this to be industry standart so that a specific brand goes out of the business ( nothing is certain. No one can be sure that a spesific brand will be for ever ) I can still recover my wallet with other hardware wallet.

Anyways , i am still waiting reply from trezor. I also asked same question to ledger. I know that both ledger and trezor support passphrase but i need to know whether or not they share the same standarts so that i can recover ones to another.

Hello, to update to my previous comment

Ellipal is using bip 39

I also stress that my query is specifically about recovering a wallet created by recovery phrase AND the passphrase feature ( i know that you can recover a wallet created by just recovery phrase ( 12 / 24 words ) by a specific brand to another brand.)) In my case ellipal ( bip39 ) to trezor

Most people don’t seem to understand that passphrase is not revocery phrase ( 12/24 seed words ) :)))) I did not know neither just two days ago.

If you recover wallet just using recovery phrase ( 12/24 words ) , you just see empty wallet. In order to see your hidden wallet , you have to recover recovery phrase( 12/24 seed words ) with the passphrase as well.

Well @Shiva1971 if the wallet you will be trying to recover to is compatible with the standard then yes.

As the passphrase acts as an additional word to your recovery seed words.

Bip39 is the standard for creating recovery seed words and passphrase.

Good to hear, Thank you very much