Recovering wallet on trezor T that was originally created oj trezor one

i am trying to recover my wallets. i originally created wallets oh trezor one. i put ih recovery phrase on my new trezor t. phrase was confirmed but i dont see my wallets/ portfolio shows zero. is it because i used trezor T? can i see my wallets? someone plz help

Hi @abazinian,

Trezor One use 24 words in the Recovery seed, while Trezor T use 12 words. This is standard, if you don’t change it (with a rather complex manual routine), so it’s not advisable to mirror two different models of Trezor. When you use the standard setup on Trezor T you will be asked to setup 12 words for a Recovery seed and that’s just half of the words you have on your Trezor one, so you won’t see your old wallet from Trezor One like this.

If you can’t access your Trezor One, either because it’s lost or damaged, you should purchase a new Trezor One and input your Recovery seed in the setup of that. Then it should work, if you enter the correct seed and Passphrase (if used).

If you want to use your new Trezor T in the future, instead of Trezor One, you can transfer your wallet from Trezor One – coin by coin – to Trezor T, after you’ve set up your new Trezor One and found your wallet. When that’s done, just reset your two Trezor Ones to Factory default with Trezor Suite and use them for something else, give them away or sell them.

Hi @abazinian,

I would like to clarify the answer. I can confirm that you can use another Trezor Model One, recover your 24-words, initialize your Trezor Model T (with 12-word seed) and then resend all the funds form Model One to Model T.

However, you can also recover your 24-word recovery seed directly to Trezor Model T (and vice versa - 12-word recovery seed can be also recovered in Trezor Model One). The only thing you need to do is to choose the right number of your recovery seed words in the recovery process:

More information on how to perform recovery process with Trezor Model T cam be found in this article:

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