Recovering MATIC funds for wrong network

I’m an idiot! Sent a couple hundred dollars of MATIC to Trezor using the default network of Coin Base which was Polygon. Did not catch I could change the network type to Ethereum. Any chance of recovering the funds?

After searching the community, I found the following video:
How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor

I’ll check it out; Seems like I may have a chance at recovering the coins.

A question: Do I use the seed phrase for the Trezor to establish an account with Meta Mask for an existing wallet, or do I create a new one?

Neither. You absolutely don’t want to use your Trezor Recovery seed in MetaMask (MM). You’d mirror your Trezor wallet in MM and compromize your Trezor seed in an online service.

When you set up an account in MM it’s required (by MM) that you create a seed, but this is only for MM’s native accounts. If you use any native MM accounts and later need to restore your funds in MM, then you need that MM seed. You don’t need MM’s seed for connecting to your Trezor device. And remember to not use Trezor’s Recovery seed as MM’s seed.

I use MM but not MM’s native accounts so I don’t have to write down/remember MM’s seed either. If I have to reinstall MM later I have no accounts to lose there. I only use MM to connect to my Trezor device and my funds are safe there.

Well, I screwed up. Before I tried MM I used Coinbase Wallet Phone App and connected it using the Trezor Seed Phrase. While the wallet was connected, nothing showed up. I believe this was the case because I have a hidden wallet. I tried to delete the wallet realizing I made a serious mistake and CB Wallet doesn’t allow one to delete connected wallets. They instruct to delete the App and loose the recovery phrase. Have I horribly screwed up?

I was able to recover the MATIC coins. I used Chainlist w/ MM connected to the Trezor and recovered the MATIC coins. From there I was able to send the coins back to CB using the Polygon Network.

After a little more review, it appears CB does not store the Seed Phrase for the CB Phone Wallet App on their servers. It’s encrypted on the phone. Fingers crossed, seems like the Seed phrase for Trezor is not possibly in a compromised situation.

As for not needing a seed phrase for MM to connect the Trezor device, I didn’t see how that was possible. I downloaded MM for Brave and it would not let me do anything until I created a seed phrase. I used a seed phrase for a old Coin Base Wallet that had nothing in it and never did.

Thanks for the help.

Well, you have compromised your Trezor seed so you should now do this:

  1. Move all your funds out of the Trezor wallet to a software wallet or online site (not the wallet you just made with your Trezor seed).
  2. Wipe your Trezor, using Trezor Suite.
  3. Set up your Trezor device from the start with a new seed (don’t use the old one you had).
  4. Move all the funds back to your Trezor wallet, from the wallet in pt. 1.
  5. Remove or forget the wallet you mirrored with your Trezor seed.

Yes, it is. If you don’t do the 5 points I outlined above, you can lose everything you have in your Trezor wallet.

As I said in my previous post:

“When you set up an account in MM it’s required (by MM) that you create a seed, but this is only for MM’s native accounts.”

That does not mean you type in your Trezor seed into MM! You choose a new seed you don’t have from before.

Then you connect your Trezor device to MM and only use the Trezor wallet. If you don’t use any MM native wallets then you don’t need the seed either. But if you place any funds in MM’s custody then you must write down MM’s seed for later use, should you need it.

The reason you don’t understand this is because you need to read about how MM works with your Trezor hardware wallet. There’s at least one video about this in the forum. And there’s more reading in the Learn section. Please do not go any further with transactions until you know what you’re doing or you will probably lose funds.

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“That does not mean you type in your Trezor seed into MM! You choose a new seed you don’t have from before.”

Maybe there’s a misunderstanding…I never typed my Trezor Seed into MM. I used a Seed Phrase that was tied to a Coin Base self custody wallet that never had anything in it to begin with.

Where I did type the Trezor Seed Phase was into Coin Base Phone Wallet App which is a self custody app and even in doing so, it did not pull any coins connected to the Trezor showing up under the Coinbase Wallet (I believe this happened because I have a hidden wallet). Coinbase says their wallet phone app is a self custody wallet and they do not store the seed phrase on their server.

I will check out the documentation you mentioned.

Now saying all this, I’ve moved back almost all of the portfolio back to the exchange from the Trezor. I’m having difficulty sending ERC-20 tokens back to the exchange however. Trezor is telling me, “Not enough ETH to cover transaction fee” for and MATIC. I’m not quite understanding this as I transferred 90% of MATIC back to the exchange and I hold no ETH. I’m also not able to send the remaining XRP back as I received the following message, “Not enough funds”. Any insight you can offer me here?

I’m led to believe I’ll have to purchase some ETH in order to get the coins off of the Trezor, but I don’t understand why more money has to be spent to do this when this was not a requirement to send to the Trezor, unless if I’m mistaken. Seems like they could take the fee out of, MATIC, and XRP.

I’ll admit, I’m not crazy about what I did, so I’m in the process of redoing everything, but I’m stuck at the moment until I can get the remaining coins of, MATIC and XRP off the Trezor and then I can wipe the Trezor and start fresh. Yes, I understand that the Trezor does not actually hold the coins but rather the seed phrase as an alias to the block chain record.

I figured out the XRP situation:
Each XRPL account must contain at least 10 XRP, which is automatically marked as un-spendable by the XRPL, in order to be able to transact on the XRPL. The base reserve cannot be used or sent to other accounts.

Looks like $6 will have to be lost to education. If you know of a work around, please let me know.

I figured out the too. It was a matter of adding Ethereum money.

I’m slowly learning. I’ll check out the guides. Thanks for the help.

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Great, I’ll wait for any further questions you may have, after you’ve done some research on your own.

The MetaMask video I mentioned is in forum category Video Tutorials, while the Learn section is at

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